This Is The Best Vacation Anywhere: 10 Glorious Reasons To Visit Florida This Year

Your choice of vacation destination is a very important one, especially if you only have once chance a year (or less). Make it matter and make it the best possible celebration you can, by taking it in Florida. Here are ten of the best reasons to do so:

1. The Warm And Abundant Sunshine

Visit Florida during the typical Winter months, trading in your snow and cold for beautiful sunshine. The best months to come here are November thru April, which is perfect for escaping the brutal weather going on elsewhere. Bring a swimsuit or two and an SPF lotion and be prepared to bask in the sun.

2. The Cooling Rain

The Sunshine State is famous for its rainy season, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, so long as you’re prepared for it. Imagine a long and sultry day coming to an end, then sudden downpours of cooling rain. It’s really quite refreshing, if you know it’s coming and have your umbrella handy or are still in your swimsuit and can just enjoy the rush.

3. So Many Beaches

There are over 600 beaches here, scattered along more than 1,000 miles of coastline. That, in-and-of-itself is reason alone to visit. If you’re a people person, enjoy a crowded beach, but if not, there’s plenty of solitude to be found by the water.

4. All The Parks

What the state is perhaps most famous for, the parks, shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting, even if you’re “not a kid anymore”. There’s rides and theme parks, water fun and gardens, all with a little bit to offer everyone.

5. Endless Golf

If you’re big on golf, this is the place for you. Between the weather and the other golf fanatics you’ll find here, this could be your personal paradise.

6. The Eclectic Nightlife

Whether you like partying until dawn, romantic dancing or live music, it’s all happening in one city or another in Florida. Miami is vivid and electric, while other smaller venues can be found in the quieter tourist areas. No matter what your taste in music or what kind of crowd you enjoy hanging with, it’s right here waiting for you.

7. Rocket Science

The Kennedy Space Center is a must-see location, with a vast and exciting visitor center. Especially if you have kids, you can’t miss the huge rockets or the opportunity to see a launch.

8. Scuba And Snorkeling

If you’ve never tried scuba diving, put that on your long list of things to do when you come here. Dive at the Blue Grotto or snorkel in Key West, but definitely check out the Sunshine State’s wildlife in the water, like Manatees and turtles. At Discovery Cove (located in Orlando), you can even frolic with dolphins in their natural habitat.

9. Picking Citrus

Depending on where your from, you might find it novel to simply reach up an pick an orange, right off the tree. All over the state, there are trees you can walk up to and pluck some of the juiciest citrus fruit on the planet.

10. Just To Relax

Vacations are meant to rejuvenate, to don’t forget to include relaxation on your itinerary. Watch a sunset or sit under a palm tree and forget about all your troubles and woes.

After your time here, you’ll probably have an even longer list of reasons to come back. In fact, there are so many fun and fantastic things to do and see here, you might not even want to leave.